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Egalement pour vous: www. Nos collaborateurs dans toute la Suisse se distinguent par des compétences multiples. It was also too great an opportunity not to once. French-speaking Switzerland — a vast region accommodating many visitors and developing cutting-edge tech. Prenons encore le temps de faire le point!

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La sauvegarde de la flotte Belle Epoque de la CGN, la plus grande et la plus prestigieuse au univers, nécessite un effort considérable. Ce revue contient toutes les indications utiles lequel vous permettront de relever ce menace avec nous. The elegance of their interiors, the exquisite gourmet food and the fascination of the steam engines in operation make each cruise unfor-gettable. However, the event of the year will no doubt be the return to service of the entirely renovated Vevey , classed as a historical monument since , where the most modern technology was married to the conservation of a year old patrimony. Safeguarding the Belle Epoque fleet of the CGN, the largest and most prestigious in the world, requires a considerable financial effort. In order to rediscover the totality of the eight units navigating on the lake, we still need to complete the financing of the general renovation, as of , of the Italie and then the Helvétie You will find all the necessary information further personne in this magazine to join accoutumance in taking up this exceptional compétition. Die Eleganz der Innenausstattungen, die feine Gastronomie und das Bewundern der stampfenden Dampfmaschinen machen jede Rundfahrt zu einem unvergesslichen Erlebnis. Aber das Hauptereignis des Jahres wird, im Herbst, zweifellos die Wiederinbetriebnahme der vollständig renovierten Vevey coeur, wo sich über hundertjährige mit modernsten Technologien vereinen.

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